Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So today is my day off.... =)

Random thought:::::::
I have a question why do people seem so sad in rainy weather ?

Other than that i have been trying the N.Y.C nail colors and i absolutly adore them lol =)
The colors are beautiful and go on well for 2 bucks =D plus the nail polishes are named after New york places = awesome lol =)

Ive been trying to grow my hair a little longer lol i want it dow to my butt lol idk why =D
i have been trying so hard not to go and get it trimmed lol so HARD!!

Tip Of The Day::: Dont eat lead lolzzzz no no i kid i kid my real tip is always try to brush your hair once its dry do not brush it alot when wet because that causes split ends =(

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hi everyone =]

So its been awhile im sorry =P

BUT i have officially settled into my new room and ima start blogging again a.s.a.p =]
Coming up in the very near future will be more beauty tips and also me rambling about things i come across whether they be beauty related or not lol =] 
So enjoy and please keep in otuch i love meeting all my subscribers and viewers =]