Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick and easy Nail care tips =]

Quick and easy nail care tips =]

Nail shapes::

Square::this look is best on medium length nails.

Oval:: This shape keeps short nails from looking stubby.

Tapered::This shape looks great if you have slim fingers and long nails.

BUFF nails before painting to make the manicure last longer.

Want your nails to dry quicker?? Use two very thin layers of whatever nail color/polish your using.

Mix hand cream with a little olive oil then rub it into your hands and cuticle slip on gloves and wear them over night.In the AM you will have super soft hands.

Red and deep berry's are the most sexually arousing colors.

The perfect red for your skin tone::

Light skin with yellow undertones= warm coral or tomato red.

light skin with blue undertones=cool rose red or deep berry red

medium skin= reddish violet hue

Dark=lucky lucky all reds go with this sin tone but metallics POP.

To prevent light colors from yellowing use a UV-protectent topcoat.

Keep manicure bright by applying a cat of clear gloss every other day.

AT home tip::
soak feet in a bowl of warm orange juice for ten minutes [the acids are exfoliating].then rub rough spots with a coarse foot scrub.Rinse off and wrap hot towels over each foot for 5 min.Afterwards MOISTURIZE!!!!

Hope everyone fnds this helpful =] more to come as i find helpful tips =]


With Nude colors chips are undetectable

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  1. this is definitely information i can use. i need to start taking care of my chewed up nails. :)