Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some more random makeup hair and skincare tips =]

1. to De-puff your eyes cut two thin slices from a chilled potato and place them on your eyes.Leave on for 10 minutes =]

2.Spritz your face.It wakes up dry skin =] don't wanna splurge on a fancy one? 
Do a homemade version:::
Brew a cup of green tea then pop it in the fridge.pour the chilled tea into a spray bottle and dilute with water.Mist your skin after you wash your face then put moisturizer on.

3.To get rid of static and fly aways::
deep condition hair weekly with a mask that has avocado oil =]
switch to a moisturizing shampoo
instead of wool wear a cotton cap.It wont roughen up the hair cuticle and its def more breathable.

4.find you most flattering blush shade:::
Fair skin::Pinks
Medium skin:: corals and cinnamons
Dark skin:: Plums and merlots

Hope this helps =]

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