Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some quick tips on skin care =]

Wanna know what type of skin you have? well here are some characteristics of each =]

  • Dry::small pores dullness skin feels tight post cleaning
  • Oily::Large pores acne prone frequently looks shiny
  • Combo::forehead nose and chin are oily while cheeks are drier
  • Normal::close to combo but with less oil in the t-zone area

Put on sunscreen 15-25 minutes before going outside [so it can be fully absorbed for the best protection ]

If your not using eye cream already then start TODAY!! the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and shows signs of aging the fastest.

Please sleep no less than 8 hours!! the more you sleep the better your skin will look

>>>Have a big pimple and want a faster way to get rid of it?<<<
  1. Dab toner on it
  2. Wrap ice in tissue then hold on it for one minute[NO MORE THAN THAT!!]
  3. Use a spot treatment and then concealer

any questions just ask =]